"I have failed as a mother"
—A phrase Beverly often states

Beverly Goldberg is the overprotective and often embarrassing "smother" of Erica, Barry, and Adam Goldberg. She is overbearing, but is kind to her kids and husband, Murray Goldberg. Murray is nothing like her. Beverly is active and involved, especially in her kids' lives, but Murray is lazy and not very involved. Edit

Family Edit

Beverly's family includes Pops, Adam, Erica, Murray, and Barry. It is evident that Adam is Beverly's favorite, although she really loves all her kids. In her past she was very smart although she could of been anything she wanted she always wanted to be a mother we have no information on Beverley's mother we do know her dad 'pops'


She is overprotective and shows lots of love to her family. She often goes way too far when trying to get her kids what they want. She is always saying, "I have failed as a mother." She is overbearing, strict and punishes the kids a lot. She punishes Adam a lot more yet we know out of all of her kids she babies Adam the most. Beverly also has lots of skill like knitting, jazzersize,power walking and sometimes dance. Within episodes beverly uses her smother-ness to help her children for example the 'kick ass risky buissness party that got too much.

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