Bill Lewis is the father of Lainey Lewis and is a good friend of Murray's.


Bill is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys and loathes the Philadelphia Eagles. He calls his house "Cowboy Country" and owns lots of Cowboy merchandise.


Lainey LewisEdit

”I guess I’m just scared of losing my little girl” -Bill to Barry

Bill is very overprotective of Lainey and he loves her very much, he mentioned that he’s scared to lose her, this may be because he doesn't wanna live alone.

Murray GoldbergEdit

”i know we just met, but I wanna live with you Bill, I choose you” - Murray to Bill

When Murray and Bill met each other, Murray hated that Bill liked the cowboys, when Bill found out that Murray liked the eagles, he kicked him out of his house, later in the series they bonded with each other by hating on the giants, they both saw each other at a bar and started chatting, shortly after they talked, they became best friends. But Murray got really mad.

Unnamed wifeEdit

Not much is known about bill’s wife, but it is shown that Bill loved her very much, after his wife left him, he was depressed for years.

Barry GoldbergEdit

”He really is” -Bill to Murray about Barry being a moron

Like Murray, Bill hated Barry when he met him, mainly due to the fact that Barry insults the Cowboys in front of Bill, but also due to the fact that Murray was also an Eagles fan like Barry. Barry by still secretly dating Lainey causes Bill and Murray to form an unlikely friendship. After Bill and Murray become best friends Barry tries to get Bill to like him with little success, but soon Murray helped Barry by letting Barry come to golf and praises Barry to Bill, soon after Bill comes to be friends with Barry and expresses his feelings of being scared to loose Lainey and as a result they currently are best friends.

Erica GoldbergEdit

In the episode I Heart Video Dating Erica along with Lainey tries to get Bill to submit a video profile. Yet despite several attempts Bill is still sceptical and the endeavour fails. Later on Erica makes it clear to Bill that she doesn't believe in fortune telling by smashing Barry's plasma ball in front of them. Besides that of Erica being Lainey's best friends, who is the daughter of Bill not much is known about their relationship.


Bill used to be married, but his wife left the family. Bill has 1 child, his teenage daughter, Lainey.