Dave Kim is a high schooler at William Penn Academy.


Dave Kim is friends with Adam and his friends, Chad Kremp, Dave Sirota, and Garry Ball. Dave Kim's parents own the resteraunt China Gardens. His mother is good friends with Beverly Goldberg and he is always addressed as Dave Kim even by his own mother.

He started out as a classmate Adam only vaguely knew, and was only invited over because Adam needed an Asian kid to be Data for his Goonies adventure. Later, however Dave Kim is a regular visitor to the Goldberg house. It has been revealed that he has a younger sister named Jenny, in the episode I Rode a Hoverboard.

Dave Kim is also in love with Erica Goldberg as shown in the episode "So Swayze It's Crazy".


Dave Kim is a misunderstood friend of Adam's. In the episode "As You Wish", it is revealed that Dave (like Adam) loves the movie The Princess Bride. He is often seen wearing a turtleneck and glasses.