Dave Kim is a high schooler at William Penn Academy.


Dave Kim is friends with Adam and his friends, Chad Kremp, Dave Sirota, and Garry Ball. For some reason, Adam often says to Dave: "Shut up, Dave Kim!" Dave Kim also has a mom and dad who own a restaurant. His mother is good friends with Beverly Goldberg. He is always addressed as Dave Kim even by his own mother.

He started out as a classmate Adam only vaguely knew, and was only invited over because Adam needed an Asian kid to be Data for his Goonies adventure. Later, Dave Kim is a regular visitor to the Goldberg house. It has been revealed that he has a younger sister named Jenny, in the episode I Rode a Hoverboard.

Dave Kim is also in love with Erica Goldberg as shown in the episode "So Swayze It's Crazy".


Dave Kim is a misunderstood friend of Adam's. In the episode "As You Wish", it is revealed that Dave (like Adam) loves the movie The Princess Bride. He is often seen wearing a turtleneck and glasses.