Stop doing what you’re doing!

–Erica’s main catchphrase

Erica Dorothy Goldberg is the oldest Goldberg child. She is very popular at school, although, in ninth grade, she was socially awkward and dressed weird. She does not always get along with her brothers. She used to attend at D.C. School of the Arts, but dropped out to form a band with her best friend Lainey Lewis and ex-roomate Erica Coolidge.


Erica used to be nerdy and unpopular, she wore glasses, braces, and had dorky hair and clothes. Then she got rid of the braces, got contact lenses, shampooed with actual shampoo instead of bar soap, and learned how to take care of her hair, as was revealed in the episode "Dance Party USA". In the episode "Just Say No", it was revealed that Erica only cares about clothes, boys, what her friends think, and what she considers the only "real" thing she cares about: politics. She loses the friendly relationship with her brothers Barry and Adam when she becomes popular.

School Life Edit

At school, Erica is extremely popular. However, she used to be really unpopular in ninth grade. Her best friend is Lainey Lewis, who is also Barry's girlfriend, she is also friends with Ari Caldwell.

She went to college around the end of the fourth season. She wasn't as popular in college as she was highschool . There she met and befriened her roomate, who is also named Erica.