Geoff Schwartz is Erica's boyfriend and a member of JTP, Barry's friend group. Geoff had a crush on Erica since the 2nd grade and always tried getting her to like him but it didn't work. In the end of season 3 he decides to move on and starts dating a girl named Evey. The thing was Erica realized she like him and was going to tell him but then she found out he already moved on. Erica and Geoff like each other but neither than one admit to the other . Erica and Geoff finally kiss in season 4 episode 15 but in episode 16 are caught kissing and both feels bad as for sneaking around and agree that they should take it slow and date each other when its the right time. In season 4 episode 19 Erica and Geoff finally get together. During season 5 Geoff and Erica keep in contact a lot while she's away at college. They talk on the phone and visit each other a lot.