The JTP (Jenkintown Posse) is lead by Barry Goldberg (Big Tasty), and includes Geoff Schwartz, (Madman Schwartz) Rob Smith (Naked Rob), Andy Cogan (The Ladies' Man), and Matthew Bradley (Matty Ice). During the episode Happy Mom, Happy Life Erica Goldberg (Big E) is temporary leader of the JTP joining forces with them to get Barry and Lainey to stop ignoring them. Later on in the episode Deadheads the group allows Matt Bradley to become the fifth member of the JTP.


Former MembersEdit

Key MomentsEdit

  • The JTP stole the rival school’s mascot, Freddy the Falcon.
  • The JTP at one moment, had Erica as their leader, as Barry ditched them for Lainey.
  • The JTP took back the Wawa after it was taken away from them, by a rival posse.
  • In Season 4, The JTP added Matthew Bradley to the Posse.