Gag me with a spoon!

–Lainey’s main catchphrase

Lainey Lewis was a student at William Penn Academy, best known for being the best friend of Erica Goldberg and is dating Barry Goldberg, untill the end of season 4 when they break up, due to her moving away for college. After she drops out they became engaged. She is played by AJ Michalka


Lainey is sometimes kind and spent most of her time with Barry. When she went to college, she was usually kind to both Ericas, but seemed more snotty to Barry and Adam. With being popular, she seemed sometimes like an antagonist to Adam, with calling him "geeky" and "nerd". It is clearly shown how Lainey's personality changes throughout the plot of the show. In the finale of Season 5, Barry and her share a dance and Barry brings up the idea of marriage, and Lainey accepts the idea, which makes them engaged.


Bill Lewis (father) Edit

Bill is the father of Lainey. Even if they are not seen to interact often, it is implied that they keep each other very much. When Lainey's mother left them, Bill raised his daughter alone.

Grandmother Edit

Nothing is known of Lainey's grandmother, except that once her mother abandoned her, she helped Bill grow Lainey. When Barry made her believe she was dead, to allow her out of school, Lainey was heartbroken, so she must love her very much.