"Mini Murray"
Mini Murray
Season 1
Episode number 3
Production code 103
Original airdate October 8, 2013
Written by Alex Barnow & Marc Firek
Directed by Troy Miller
Preceded by "Daddy Daughter Day"
Followed by "Why're You Hitting Yourself?"

"Mini Murray" is the third episode of Season 1 of The Goldbergs. It premiered on October 8, 2013.


Barry wants money to buy an expensive pair of basketball shoes, so Murray hires him to work at his furniture store. When Beverly prohibits him from seeing a new horror movie, Adam goes behind her back.


When Barry wants money to purchase a pair of expensive Reebok Pump basketball sneakers, he gets an important lesson from Murray. Meanwhile, Adam and Pops secretly go see the R-rated horror movie Poltergeist, which Beverly disapproves of because she thinks its way too scary for Adam, and she is proved right because Adam is too afraid to sleep at night.


Mini Murray/Gallery



  • The horror movie Adam and Pops went to see was 1982 film, The Poltergeist.
  • The ending song is Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

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