Stop Aggrevating Me!

–Murray’s main catchphrase

Murray Christian Goldberg is the father of the family. He often goes along with whatever Beverly says, even when he is not paying attention and has no idea what she is saying. He is like an ordinary macho dad type like any other boring normal father. He is also strict and tough on his children. He also make sure they fend for themselves and always make sure he always says no to them whenever they want something. This guy lives like Ward Cleaver of the eighties. That's what makes a well respected father is to be strict and tough on them, especially her daughter Erica. He prays that he doesn't have anymore kids or another girl he has to deal with, until now. He is often in his chair without his pants on and usually wears tighty-whities. He owns a furniture store called Ottoman Empire. It has been revealed that Erica is his favorite child.