"O Captain! My Captain!"
Season 4
Episode number 11
Original airdate January 4, 2017
Written by Marc Firek
Directed by Richie Keen
Preceded by Han Ukkah Solo
Followed by Snow Day

O Captain! My Captain! is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of The Goldbergs, and the eighty-second episode overall. It aired on January 4, 2017.



Main Cast Edit

Guest Stars Edit

  • Bryan Callen as Mr. Mellor
  • Tim Meadows as Mr. Glascott
  • Stephanie Katherine Grant as Emmy Mirsky
  • Sean Marquette as Johnny Atkins
  • Matt Bush as Andy Cogan
  • Sam Lerner as Geoff "Madman" Schwartz
  • Noah Munck as "Naked" Rob Smith
  • Zayne Emory as JC Spink

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References Edit

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