"Weird Science"
Weird Science
Season 5
Episode number 1
Original airdate September 27, 2017
Written by Chris Bishop
Directed by David Katzenberg
Preceded by Graduation Day
Followed by Hogan Is My Grandfather

Weird Science is the first episode of the fifth season of The Goldbergs, and the ninety-sixth episode overall. It aired on September 27, 2017.

Summary Edit

Erica is off to college while Barry is in search of a new girlfriend.


Main Cast Edit

Guest Stars Edit

  • Rowan Blanchard as Jackie Geary
  • Allison Rich as Valley Erica
  • Karan Soni as Srini the R.A.
  • Ron Funches as Froy
  • Kenny Ridwan as Dave Kim
  • Matt Bush as Andy Cogan
  • Noah Munck as "Naked" Rob Smith
  • Shayne Topp as Matt Bradley
  • Alex Jennings as Carla
  • Ilan Mitchell-Smith as Mr. Connelly


Erica is off to college at D.C. School of Arts, but she has one problem: having to say goodbye to her mom a thousand times before she leaves. In order to delay the parting, Beverly, along with Murray, helps move Erica into her dorm, and meets Erica's roommate, a valley girl also named Erica (Alison Rich). Bev decorates Erica's room and stays the night, leading to her daughter's humiliation around campus. But Valley Erica helps Erica realize she is lucky to have a mom that is always there for her. Meanwhile, Barry is back to school for his senior year and missing Lainey, so he needs a distraction: bullying Adam. After watching Weird Science, Adam gets the idea to make Barry the perfect girlfriend, but Barry doesn't think he can do it. With the help of science teacher Mr. Connelly (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) and girlfriend Jackie, Adam, Pops and Barry perform the Barbie doll experiment from the film. Even though he knew it was fake, Barry just wanted to prove to himself that Lainey wasn't a fluke. He starts looking after Adam's well-being at school, which some girls find attractive.

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